About us

MY ID BEAUTYKA® was created in 2018 by Schmuckstück, a company founded by 3 sisters in Málaga. Inspired by the "ars vivendi" of the Costa del Sol, we believe in the beauty of self-expression, not perfection. For us BEAUTYKA means joy, self-esteem, diversity, inclusivity and fun.

MY ID BEAUTYKA® focuses on makeup and skin care tools. Our USP's are:

  • Affordability with high quality
  • Bold design with a great user experience
  • Cruelty-free and veganity

Beauty is what you define on your own terms, without rules and without striving for perfection. Everyone decides how they would like to look, feel and live. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish, it's what you deserve. That's why everything we create is made for you, through hard work, love, bold designs and a lot of joy. We would like to inspire you to take care and pamper yourself. 


It's time to glow