Peel-Off Facial Mask “Marine Lime”

Peel Off Facial Mask “Marine Lime” with sea lime is used in a remineralising and toning treatment. It is made from the highest quality alginate. The mask contains sea lime known for its purifying and remineralising properties. It contains a toning blend of essential oils.
Benefits and properties:
Sea slime has strong purifying properties by absorbing impurities from the skin cells and at the same time provides numerous trace elements. It has been shown that elements such as magnesium and other trace elements can penetrate through the skin barrier.

  • Add water to the powder at ambient temperature.
  • Mix vigorously to obtain a uniform paste.
  • Apply the mask immediately on the skin and leave it on for • 15 minutes.
  • After a few minutes, the mask hardens and can be easily removed.
  • 30 g of powder + 90 g of water.
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