Peel Off Facial Mask “Papaya”

Peel Off Facial Mask “Papaya” is used in exfoliating and regenerating treatments. Papaya is rich in carotenoids known for their strong antioxidant and immunostimulant properties, making it the ideal ingredient to combat skin ageing.
Benefits and properties:
The mask contains papain, a proteolytic enzyme that digests proteins and removes dead cells located in the top layer of horny skin. Papain also has a regenerating effect: it contains Arginine and Proline precursors, two amino acids known to stimulate cell renewal.

  • Add water to the powder at ambient temperature.
  • Mix vigorously to obtain a uniform paste.
  • Apply the mask immediately on the skin and leave it on for • 15 minutes.
  • After a few minutes, the mask hardens and can be easily removed.
  • 30 g of powder + 90 g of water.
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