Peel-Off Facial Mask “Vitamin C”

Peel-Off Facial Mask “Vitamin C” is perfect for the anti-redness care of sensitive skin. It is made from the highest quality alginate. The mask contains vitamin C and blackcurrant extract, rich in flavonoids known to stimulate microcirculation.
Benefits and properties:
The mask contains blackcurrant pulp and seed extract, giving it a natural purple-blue colour. These compounds are known for their properties to stimulate microcirculation and strengthen blood vessels. The oil contained in blackcurrant seed is rich in gamma linoleic acid (omega 6), one of the essential compounds for building strong cell walls and plays a key role in the hydration process of the epidermis.

  • Add water to the powder at ambient temperature.
  • Mix vigorously to obtain a uniform paste.
  • Apply the mask immediately on the skin and leave it on for • 15 minutes.
  • After a few minutes, the mask hardens and can be easily removed.
  • 30 g of powder + 90 g of water.
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