Body Massager

This comfortable massage glove fits any hand thanks to its adjustable strap. The palm-shaped massage roller is suitable for any point of the body, it can be used as a massager for neck, back, feet, legs, muscles, arms, hands… It is ideal for the care of the whole body and to stimulate the blood circulation.
Key Benefits:
• It can be used in dry or wet skin (cream or in the shower) although with wet skin the brush will glide over the skin more easily.
• It helps to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. Consistency in use will accelerate results.

  • Massage the parts of the body you wish to treat with circular movements without exerting too much pressure.
  • Start with the massage From bottom to top. Start at the ankles and work your way down to the buttocks and abdomen.
  • Maintenance and Care:

    Rinse the massager and let it to air dry.

    EVA, ABS, PP, steel ball
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