Scalp Massager Brush “Cat Claw”

Scalp massaging brush, enhances hair health from the root. It helps to control dandruff and oil build-up. Performs a soothing massage in the shower to boost the scalp for healthy, clean, bouncy hair. Perfect for oily and dry hair.

Exfoliating the scalp encourages growth and promotes healthy hair. You can achieve this with our massager, which has a special shape that makes it easy to grip and effortless to use. By moving the massager over the scalp in circular motions, you stimulate circulation, the key to long, healthy and full hair. Impurities and dead cells build up, impeding growth and irritating the skin. With a simple weekly head massage, this tool can help you improve the health of your scalp.

Made from high quality silicone, the brush gently and effectively exfoliates, removing accumulations without irritating.

The flexible, soft touch bristles have been carefully crafted to provide maximum effectiveness, while remaining gentle on sensitive skin. Ideal for both foaming and non-foaming shampoos. Suitable for all hair types.

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