Silicone Eyeliner

The silicone eyeliner is a MUST-HAVE tool. It can help you draw the line of the eye quickly, and can also be used to shape the contour of the eyelashes or lips.
Key benefits:
• Ergonomically designed, it adapts perfectly to the position of eyes and lips and helps you apply makeup in seconds.
• Small and lightweight, easy to store and transport.
• Easy to clean, the reusable eyeliner mould can be reused several times, you can easily clean it with water and store it for next use.

Place the applicator under the eye and follow the shape until the corner of the eye is complete.To properly line the lips, place the applicator following the shape of your lips and begin to apply makeup. Use the end of the applicator to help you dispense the exact amount of mascara or facial product you wish to use.
Silica gel
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